Knysna Waterfront

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Spending the day at the Knysna waterfront was a joy. The whole is area paved and access with a wheelchair is very good. If you have cash to burn there is a myriad of little shops selling all sorts of touristy trinkets and restaurants to suit every taste and budget.


Note. The door leading into the disable toilet is quite narrow.. watch you knuckles as you go in.


After a long day of sightseeing we decided an afternoon cruise on the Lake will be ideal for an end of a very nice day.



We booked our tickets on the John Ben, the crew was very helpful and getting me on-board was hassle free. The gangway leading to the boat was stable but again quite steep but with the help of the crew I soon relaxed in the very spacious interior of this double decker.



Return trip to the Heads is about an hour and a half but please note, there is no access to the bathroom when you are in a wheelchair so do your business before boarding. Restroom issues aside it is a very enjoyable trip with the captain pointing out land marks and disposing interesting facts all the way.


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